Your cell phone may stop working today!

SIM Register
What’s going on?
According to qq news, the 2 year old law prohibiting unregistered cellphone numbers is going into another level of implementation starting Sept 1st (today!). In Shanghai, some phones have already experienced deactivation of some functions. A China Daily news article released on January 1, 2015 stated, “There are more than 130 million “black cards” in circulation at present, which refer to unregistered phone cards which are used in cell phones or provide wireless internet services.”  China Mobile disclosed that up to 16% of its users were unregistered and The Public Security Ministry reported 157,000 cases in China involving phone scams and the online sale of user information to third parties in 2014 alone, with 273,000 suspects arrested.

How do you know if your card is illegal?

For China Mobile users, if you received a recent text recently that said: (the date is different)

your SIM card will be shutoff a week after your receipt of the text if you don’t officially register your phone. For China Unicom users, if you have received a similar text, your SIM card will not be shut off, but you may experience limited functionality. Shutoff dates are not confirmed.To register, just go to a China Unicom or China Mobile official store and tell them you want to register your phone and bring your passport.

What are the benefits of shutting down these illegal phones?

Potentially, there will be no more phone or text message scams.

If you are still not sure if your phone is legally registered, call 10086 for China Mobile or 10010 for China Unicom and ask if your number is officially registered. If it isn’t, head over to your provider’s official retail location and register.

None of us like our cell service interrupted, so we hope this helps!

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