When your intention is in alignment with your hearts’ true calling… Dreams come true.


Ruben Payan Jr.

Ruben Payan Jr.

Over the next two months we will be climbing one of most challenging mountains in the world, the almighty K2. With only 352 summits since 1953 and a 27% death rate, K2 has earned the respect of adventurers and thrill seekers from around the globe. I am honored to be one of the few to have the chance to climb and stand on the summit of this breathtaking mountain. It is a dream that we’ve been working – and climbing – toward for the past 10 years.

With each mountain on our journey has come a deeper understanding of self and realization of our role within a collective human consciousness. Whether you are ready to embrace it or not, this inner beam of light frees us from the illusion of separation. When we open ourselves to one mind, one breath and, one heart, we unite towards a peaceful world.

For the next eight weeks we invite you to face your fears and take that leap of faith towards the life or experience your heart has been calling for. Climbing isn’t easy and requires you be present, focused and humble. It requires the support of others – the push without criticism, shout without judgment and hug without holding back. Own your power to make dreams happen, as well as to support others in their journey.

This K2 climb carries many dreams, as we hold a space of love for you and your intention. Yours, mine and those we embrace for humanity. We can’t promise a successful summit (although this is our intent) but we can promise we’re not going out without a FIGHT. We’ll leave all on the mountain and return home safely with our head high. We climb together!

Sharing is power and this climb is in honor of the POWERFUL HUMAN within each of us. Look for more posts in the weeks to come that will help you start climbing.

Much love,
Ruben Payan Jr.

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