Our translation team originated from China and Taiwan with western education and over a decade of industry experience. We focus on translation and interpreting between Chinese and English ONLY, because we only do what we do best.

Exposure to multiple cultures allows us to deliver our services to international quality standards.

We believe translation is not word-for-word conversion from one language into another. It is a process of recreating the meaning of the text so it fully understandable by people living in a different part of the world.


The Chinese language used in China, Taiwan, HK and Singapore are all different. Based in the heart of Asia where international businesses require the best in quality and efficiency, we constantly exceed client expectations by taking into account the nuances, cultural differences, tone and style of Chinese based upon the target location.

We help our clients make a lasting impression in the age of information overflow. Working with international businesses, our clients demand a range of professional translation services. As a result we not only provide translation and interpreting services, but also localization, transcription, subtitling and website/digital translation.

Each service requires different techniques. Your requirement will be assessed by a language specialist and assigned to a translator with the most relevant experience and skillset. So, how can we help you?

Interpretation Services

Our certified simultaneous interpreters help you communicate different languages in real time. When meeting time is cut in half, the efficiency doubles. Interpreters are assigned to tasks based on their field of expertise. Booths, headsets, microphones and simultaneous interpreting equipment can be provided according to your presentation requirements.

China is too large a market to be ignored, and yet it remains mysterious to western marketers because Chinese minds don’t work the same way. When you and your clients fly thousands of miles to explore the Chinese market, our market research interpreters with 2000+ focus groups and in-depth interviews of experience make sure you get consumer insight firsthand and bridge all the cultural gaps.

Training in a different language is only as effective as how the messages come across well to the audience. Our interpreters are experienced in delivering not just the training materials, but also the cultural nuances and class dynamics.

Interpreting for press conference and events requires more than just language skills. The ability to handle unpredictable situations, adaptation to last minute changes while presenting on behalf of your corporate image is crucial to the success of the event.

Conducting meetings with your Chinese business partners or interviewing Chinese industry experts requires having a good interpreter on the phone. Teleconference interpreters are well-trained, with excellent note-taking skills and possess the ability to read between the lines that are crucial when face-to-face communication is not an option.

Translation Services

Your products and services need not only to speak the Chinese language, but speak to your audience’s heart. Our website translators are well-versed in industry jargons and transcreate in ways that resonate and engage your viewers in the world’s biggest market.

Press release must be translated in fair and accurate ways that still engage the readers. Our translator with journalism background knows how to tweak the traditional direct translations into press-friendly articles.

You only get as much protection as what’s stated in your legal documents. Our legal translators specialize in contracts, patents and legislations and use the most accurate terms to provide all the legal protection you deserve.

The user-friendliness of brochures and manuals are keys to customer satisfaction. Instead of just translating product materials, we learn about the products thoroughly and introduce them to your users in readily comprehensible ways.

The user-friendliness of brochures and manuals are keys to customer satisfaction. Instead of just translating product materials, we learn about the products thouroughly and introduce them to your users in readily comprehensible ways.

Presentations are composed of choppy phrases lacking the context that are meant to be filled in during the actual presentation. Translating without context can result in misunderstanding. We avoid such mistakes by fully communicating with the author so your presentation is flawless while projected on the big screen.

Our transcribers are trained take down everthing being said in real-time, on a word-for-word basis. The full record can later be used for meeting minutes, research, future reference, exerpts…or anything you need.

Video transcription needs to be translated in ways that are easy to break down to fit the screen. Our expert experience with subtitle translation at the international broadcast standard allows us to provide comfortable viewing experience to your audience