China’s “GOTTA HAVE” the Apple Watch!



When watching the Apple Watch launch, were you excited to get in those long lines at Apple stores in April? Was Apple able to recreate the same “gotta have it” again the way Steve Jobs had done over and over? CF’s mentor and partner Dr. Mark Goulston has the secret to Steve Jobs’ formula of making people feel like they “gotta have it!” and has been travelling the globe sharing what he has uncovered. Interested in knowing the secret? Click here.


Dr. Mark Goulstons Assessment Tool at the HBR (Harvard Business Review) entitled, How Well Do You Communicate During Conflict? just went up over the weekend and is the most popular posting with over 12,000 participants in 1 day. The world authority on listening with the #1 book in the world on that very subject has just released his “Get through to anyone” 2 day workshop in cooperation with the american management society and we are proud to be launching the made for China version this year in the fall of 2015. learn more about Dr. Goulston and CF’s partnership in his Real Purpose of Technology article on linked in.

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