Personal and Family Support

China Foundations works behind the scenes supporting employees and families of local, multinational companies and foreign governments to build deeper understanding for faster and stronger cooperation in and with China. CF uncovers current, thoughtful and relevant resources for growth and support.  You, the spouse, are the anchor of family and deserve innovative tools to help you plan your family’s success. Come join our “myth-busting” support series and have fun with us and others owning your China experience with our full day “Foundation Buster and Builder” and 5 subsequent half-day “Tool Builder” workshops. Register for participation with your company HR, relocation or destinations services provider, or directly with Maria Nguyen, Operation Director at China Foundations.


One Day Foundation Buster and Builder 

The mindset and values of the locals you interact with can’t be easily defined as “Chinese” or not, but must be pieced together from the context surrounding them. Region, education, experience, and relationships are just some of those pieces that build that context to better understanding and cooperation. No matter if you’ve been here a week or 10 years, add to your  foundation of knowledge and experience to better support and manage  locals in your life. Spend the day with CF sharing and discussing the context of your life in China with caring, experienced professionals and each other.


Enjoy the people you depend and rely on more!  Managing Relationships: Driver, Ayi, Vendors and Workmates

Are you aware of each other’s expectations and if you are meeting them? Would you like better ways to motivate or address misunderstandings and conflicts? Have a happier home by discussing how to “listen” and “lead” your helpers more effectively.


Newest tweaks and updates to support your Woman Power!Experience our women’s empowerment platform to grow as individuals, professionals, and transformative leaders of your own lives, families, professional careers, and in your communities. Together we will plot your vision map, better develop your personal brand, create short-term actionable goals, and share access to networks of motivated like-minded women.


China and its local communities NEED your valuable experience and contributions. Why not share? 

You have years of personal and professional experience and insight. Help yourself, your family members and others get more involved! Start that creative project, consult in industries you know, volunteer with your family and friends, or find a new career direction! What kind and how big of an impact will you make? Let’s share networking, consulting, employment and volunteering opportunities.


We are all healthy, aren’t we?

How much does the China environment play a role in you and your family’s physical and mental health? Our “unique” experiences and challenges may be more common than we expect. How can we better support our health and wellbeing? Find out about today’s most charged health issues from certified Western professionals and learn how to better prepare and protect yourself and your family.


Ready to go back to school or train for a new career? 

Ever wanted to be a chef or a traditional herbal healer? Maybe you want to continue education in what you are already awesome at. What resources are available for your loved ones? Get updated on various academic programs and educational resources in topics and subjects of interest to you and your family. Meet accredited professors, advisors, university representatives and program directors to help turn your questions into knowledge and skills.

Additional Family Services (Psychology and Counseling)

Positive psychotherapy

CF offers this transcultural and cross-cultural therapeutic method uses psychological theory, research and intervention techniques to understand the positive, adaptive, creative and emotionally fulfilling aspects of human behavior. This course is presented by Dr. Theo A. Cope who holds an MA and Ph.D. in Psychology in Analytical Psychology and Chinese Culture. He has been practicing psychology and teaching in China for over 13 years.