Services for Expats

Introduction: CF integrates China and the world. We help companies discover what strategies and expectations are based on assumptions rather than information and get the real data to improve. This results in deeper trust, quicker strategy alignment and execution, and happier and more engaged teams. More

Services for Locals

Introduction: Western cultures may seem different from country to country. Even so there can be patterns of similar behaviors or practices , Western Work Values and Behaviors, that more consistently across cultures help efficiency, cooperation and productivity. More

Learning from the Best

Turn the Ship Around: Shared Leadership Keynote and workshop: Think afresh about what leadership means, practice language that empowers your people, understand organizational design in the context of pushing decision making downward, create mechanisms for implementing workplaces that empower and engage, learn the importance of language and environment in nudging people’s behavior toward desired cultural descriptors. More

Personal and Family Support

Introduction: China Foundations works behind the scenes supporting employees and families of local, multinational companies and foreign governments to build deeper understanding for faster and stronger cooperation in and with China. CF uncovers current, thoughtful and relevant resources for growth and support.  You, the spouse, are the anchor of family and deserve innovative tools to help you plan your family’s success. More