Introduction:Western cultures may seem different from country to country. Even so, there can be patterns of similar behaviors or practices. Having consistent work values and behaviors across all cultures help efficiency, cooperation and productivity.

CF’s Western Values Certification introduces and encourages “western” work behaviors by explaining cultural differences that cause the barriers and frustrations we have. This training is presented in Chinese and English Language, but preferred in Chinese with English support for maximum learning. Examples are created by and from local employees and introduced from their perspective. We share real scenarios and how your team can immediately make changes to reach their personal and company goals. We end our sessions with actual plans and tips that can be encouraged and supported by HR and upper line managers to measure and support.

Certification is earned when participants evaluate their own better cooperation, improved personal and group productivity with overall more thoughtful, engaged and faster performance and strategy execution. We build truly integrated, creative and collaborative teams dependent on culture and language as an asset rather than a barrier.