CF integrates China and the world. We help companies discover what strategies and expectations are based on assumptions rather than information and get the real data to improve. This results in deeper trust, quicker strategy alignment and execution, and happier and more engaged teams.

Understanding Country (Chinese/American) culture is not enough (see “When Crossing Cultures, Use Global Dexterity” article by Andy Molinsky) to impact company strategy. Company support must include all levels internally; spouses and families (read about our involvement with the largest foreign migration to a Chinese tier 2 city for the single largest private investment in China at the time in “Creating an Expat Ecosystem” by M. Diane McCormick, with Cynthia D. Pedigo). CF evaluates a company holistically and influences all parts toward growth.

We grow abilities and improve understanding of foreign and local leadership, mid-level management and new employees simultaneously resulting in overall company transformation. This aligned open approach addresses existing challenges in China by accelerating open and active communication, creativity, and collaboration.


  • — Significantly minimize frustration and time spent on adjustment and learning curve
  • — Necessary context to set correct expectations and roles
  • — Confidence to assess and assign behaviors and values correctly
  • — Higher morale to increase employee retention and company loyalty from Western and Local staff (better motivated staff)
  • — Confidence and understanding of how to best cooperate with and develop internal talent
  • — Skills toward independence and overall feeling of safety, especially for trailing spouse and family, liberating assignee from added stress to focus on successful assignment.


  • Consulting- strategies around integration and implementation
  • Coaching- improving abilities of individuals and teams to negotiate, train, and manage
  • Certification- proficiency in techniques to improve information and erase assumption


  • Long term expats assigness