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Camp at K2

Ruben resting at camp

Powerful Humans Summit K2– Climbing the mountains in your mind – Dream
Ruben is on the way to accomplish his dream as we speak. Join us and tak time today to think about your dreams.What are the dreams you are still waiting to come true? What is stopping you? What could you do today to get you one step closer to achieving your dream?

We are aligning  our thoughts with Ruben as he summits and returns down K2. We invite you and your communities to join us. If you’d like to get updates on his journey from the mountain, or see the first 360 VR views of Rueben training for K2 go to www.powerfulhuman.com,and Powerful Human on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PowerfulHuman1/. To hear his story, check out #ep5 Facing Fear with Ruben Payan on the Made in China podcast atwww.getmadeinchina.com .


Update July 20th 2016

It’s time!  The team will take advantage of the weather the next few days and attempt summit.  Ruben says that today is the first sunny day and it is amazing!  There is clear blue all around and the mountain is in full sight.  They are washing cloths in the good weather and taking advantage of the nice day.  They will set out tomorrow morning (Pakistan time July 21st 2016) for camp 1.  As long as all conditions are good and the weather stays nice as forecasted the following days itinerary will look like this:

July 21st move from Base Camp to Camp 1 and sleep here over night.
July 22nd move up to camp 2 and sleep here over night.
July 23rd move up to camp 3 and sleep here over night.
July 24th around 7-8pm the team will start the climb up to summit (this will take around 12-14 hours if all goes at the anticipated pace)
July 25th Summit at approximately 8-10am K2 local time!

The team will go back from summit to camp 3 the same day July 25th to sleep overnight and then move down to base camp on the 26th.

I will expect word around the 26th of July

This is the time we need the Powerful Human community of friends and family to say prayers and set positive intentions for the team, and keep a space of love for each of the members going up the mountain!

We will hold everyone on the mountain (around 75-80 climbers including sherpas) in our thoughts and prayers.

Your support means more than you know!

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