#Ep15: CBA’s off-court MVP: Cyril White Pt. 1

Cyril White and Preston Kuo

By China Foundations 20151111


In 1999, Nanjing became the second home to Cyril White. Before Cyril was a player/tour advisor, he started as a pioneer in the Chinese Basketball Association and has spent 2/3 of his adult life in China. He’s been a college and professional baller, coach, started a successful shoe brand and a basketball gym. Cyril came to China humble and open to learn because he knew he had to “get it” before he made a move. As an advisor, he’s seen opportunities lost in an instant from stupid decisions and he’s helped create amazing success with NBA superstar Stephon Marbury here in the CBA. He reminds his talent that the “C” from the CBA is for China and this is not the same business game as other countries. Those coming to smash and grab the spoils of China will leave empty handed, so he keeps a long term vision and moves slowly. He, like the Chinese, see partners as either a leaf that will fly away or a branch that will bear fruit. Cyril White is Made in China and continues to make others here everyday. This week we get to know Cyril, and the some of the China careers he has made on the Made in China Podcast.



#Ep16: Everyone Remembers their First Time: Cyril White, Orien Greene, Josh Collins Pt.2


We continue with episode 2 of our 3 part CBA series featuring Cyril White. We introduce Cyril’s good friend and former NBA player, Orien Greene, and freshman to the China basketball exhibition tour, Josh Collins. The tour is a place where players, experienced and new, are faced with unexpected challenges. See how these players did, how Cyril helps newbies handle this new environment and if China wants them back or was glad to have them go.



#Ep17: The newcomer, the player, and the mentor: Josh Collins, Orien Greene and Cyril White Pt.3

Beijing vs Shenzhen

The final episode of our CBA Cyril White series this week ends with the impact of experience, relationships, and the China game on these athletes. Their journeys are far from over, and the marriage of Chinese and American basketball players has definitely changed the trio and continues to evolve the game for the players and audiences in both countries and globally.



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China Summer Camp

Cyril White (Middle) with Chinese teenagers in a summer camp.


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