#Ep5: Facing Fear with Ruben Payan. We all feel like we are walking blindly at times when doing business in China



By China Foundations 20150701


Ruben Payan, owner of Human in Motion Beijing, is the manifestation of hard work and pushing through pain. The China reknown fitness educator, exercise innovator, and mountain climber has earned the respect of China’s fitness elite. He was drawn to China with his girl Cami, and little to nothing else… but that was everything. His strength, at first glance, seems to be his special ability to power through challenges which he has used to climb the world’s 7 summits. Only after digging deeper into the life of this “Powerful Human” did we come to understand that his strength actually came from embracing his vulnerability. Finding himself blind on Mt. Everest with little to no way down taught him how to deal with fear that we can only imagine, but can strangely relate to.

Ruben’s “Powerful Human” story continues as he gets ready to climb K2 in 2016. Please enjoy Episode #5: Ruben Payan.

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Show Notes

[00:20] Getting to know Ruben and his family
[02:14] Mom’s approval and the China story when he was a kid
[04:30] “Go get it” attitude passed on from mom
[05:09] “Powerful Human” as a tool to get through a divorce
[08:10] Register domain and trademark
[08:46] Getting hired to climb Kilimanjaro
[10:16] Tattooed seven summits on back and K2 later
[11:05] Came to China with almost nothing, achieved success, realized American dream and made his career
[14:39] Poem tattoo on arm
[15:37] Went blind from wind 75 meters from summit of Mt everest
[18:49] Arrived at the top of the world but couldn’t see, fear of death and vulnerability settles in
[25:43] Lhakpa stayed with him and tried to bring him down
[26:50] Trusting another human being and letting it go
[27:50] Meeting Rupert and winning the lottery
[33:16] Almost giving into exhaustion and sleep
[34:00] 11 hour climb down and not stopping for bathroom breaks
[35:21] Realization that he’s going to LIVE and reunite with family
[37:11] Being alive beats everything
[38:40] Asking Rupert why he helped
[40:33] Rupert’s answer
[43:00] Everest story was not in the plan of interview, lucky to get it
[43:40] Vulnerability in China


Powerful human
Mt everest

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