#Ep4: To be… or not to be (Chinese). Lin Gao former GR for global mobile telecom company

Lin Gao_Preston_Made_in_China

By China Foundations 20150625


Lin Gao, Amcham Board of Governors member, modest leadership coach, and former GR head in mobile telecommunications, had to learn to be Chinese to get things done. She came back to China only to realize that being born and raised in Beijing did not make her Chinese. However, she could relate to her countrymen when it came to being socially courageous and understanding what it meant to truly “contribute” rather than just regurgitate.

This awakening in her homeland spurred reflection and self-awareness, giving her a powerful tool to battle her inner programming (whether it was cultural or personal) of needing to be correct. Lin decided to take on a role within her organization that she knew would take her back to the old school. To be “MADE” in China, she tuned into herself, and used “feeling over function” to gauge her counterparts in the ups and downs of negotiations.

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Show Notes

[00.52] Fish Bowl Perspective on Chinese Culture
[02:34] Greatest losses and failures in China
[07:05] Success story in working with the Chinese government
[12:39] Culture barriers in the networking bubble
[15:19] Creating small talk to ease anxiety
[18:05] Using technology
[18:39] The positive and negatives of leadership
[23:09] Never stop learning
[26:54] Leadership & winning
[29:09] Being present in the conversation
[31:17] Tools for self-improving
[35:19] Parenting attributing to being a better business woman
[37:45] Life concerns
[39:19] Addressing problems through questions
[42:45] Lasting advice you want to leave with others


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