#Ep3: Secrets…You can’t win without them: China Law Veteran Li Qiang shares his

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We learned from Li Qiang (LQ), Managing Partner at O’Melveny and Myers and Shanghai insider, that historically speaking, his family was recognized and treated as outsiders to the city. Early in his career, the theme of being an outsider reemerged. Rather than trying to fit in, being an outsider was how he added value over his competition. LQ has a clear vision of China’s past and future, but hi(s)tory wasn’t so obvious when it came to his personal life and hasn’t eased his fear of dying alone. His thoughtful and laser sharp acuteness are softened by his love for fun, which is his secret to keeping everything together.

I first met Li Qiang socially amongst a group of gentlemen who all differed from him with respect but also with true amiability. They sincerely liked him, not in work way, but in a “hey, look who just got here!” way. This giant with a soft and warm approach never asserts himself. He only comes to join the party. I learned of his passion for stories and history, voluminous knowledge (check out his book suggestions below) and constant laughter from endless jokes. I never knew what he did or who he was. But after meeting him, I needed to know him.

We’ve met several times during our short friendship, and every time we meet, he is eager and excited to get together like old friends catching up. He always makes his time and his person available for personal consultation. So when I asked him to sit behind the Made in China mic with me, he was delighted and beyond gracious.

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Show Notes

[00:48] Fun makes everything sustainable
[01:44] Passion to grow expat community in Shanghai
[06:15] Adding value to relationships
[11:04] Developing trust amongst Chinese Clients
[13:58] Leadership by example
[15:56] Sharing secrets through mentorship
[17:30] Integration and the British influence
[22:10] Patterns and habits that contributed to success
[25:35] Sustain accountability to myself and my company
[32:13] Parenting and its influence on my managing style
[35:32] Most important take away from doing business in China


O’Melveny and Myers 

Books and Subei People

Check out LQ’s highly recommended books to read.

LQ discusses Subei people and their history in Shanghai.


Books and author

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell
The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga
China: A History by John Keay
India: A History by John Keay
Nick Hornby, Author
A Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
Edward Rutherford, Author


Subei People in Shanghai by Emily Honig
Taiping Movement


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