Daydreamer to Dad, Responsibility Changes It All Pt.2/2.



Dominic, his 4 girls  and 1 great T-shirt.

Dominic made the right mistakes for family, fortune and fame.

“The price of greatness is responsibility.” – Winston Churchill

Plastered8’s Dominic Johnson-Hill went from a backpacker with no money and no responsibilities, to no money and sole responsibility for his first daughter, Prudence. A boss is responsible for a business, but a leader is responsible for his people. Responsibility to his family and staff helped Dominic to find structure, gave him time, and helped him set goals. He learns from amazing peers, takes brilliant adventures and shares that with his family and his employees. They read books, share stories and make mistakes together. On top of that, he puts his money where his mouth is and dedicates 10% of profits toward learning. Are you a boss or a leader?

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Dominic and his team hiking the Great Wall.


Dominic and artist Wang Yan, with Wang’s incredible “All Together” design. 


Adventures in Laos with Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) friends.


“Giving out Cabbages” for Christmas 2014, literally meaning “Wishing you good fortune” in Chinese.


In 2014, Dominic told his story to students in 40 different Chinese Universities.




Show Notes

[.59] Family, personal life and business

[6:59] Raising your daughter as a single parent

[10:20] Developing Chinese Staff

[20:13] Lessons learned while doing business in China

[23:30] Personal and professional concerns

[26:57] Tools that helped me to be structured & disciplined

[29:42] People who I draw influence from

[34:47] Message to my girls


  1. British Business Awards
  2. EO Official Website
  3. 2008 British Business Awards – Dominic Johnson-Hill


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