Dominic Johnson-Hill Will Buy Your 2nd Hand Drugs Pt.1/2.


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Dominic wearing a t-shirt that reads “I’ll buy your second hand drugs” with his phone number on it

Dominic Johnson-Hill, China Celebrity and Founder of Plastered8 “Scaled, Failed and Prevailed.”

Dominic Johnson-Hill has been on the “Chinese Oprah” TV show Luyu You Yue many times, inspired and helped create one of the hippest tourist areas in Beijing with his community and local government, tapped into one of China’s untapped labor forces, and the people of China simply adore him. He may even be an EQ genius.



Dominic almost lost it all when he was big enough to really go big by listening and following all the trends of entrepreneurship. Scaling his business distanced him from his creative superpowers and all the many talents that made him famous. He was working with people he didn’t enjoy, the fun stopped and he wasn’t happy. Those emotions reminded him that things weren’t right for him. So he stopped expanding, focused on Beijing and his happiness, and rebuilt his empire by re-embracing the truths that brought him to greatness. Dominic is a story teller, he sincerely cares about people, and he’s not afraid to shine in the spotlight. His story was the one that started it all for the Made in China Podcast.


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Show Notes

[01:45] scale to fail
[05:08] success creatively and in marketing, its all about that story
[09:06] hiring, EQ and retention
[13:02] “I only do business with people I like”
[14:38] terrible manager, alright leader. A manager grabs your _____ while w leader grabs your _____.
[19:22] “hiring staff i like”
[20:32] “learned to be a good person from my mom and my wife”, basic values
[24:26] time with staff, aligning and mixing things up


  1. Great wall T-shirt with woman across it.
  2. National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
  3. Picture of Dominic in his shou yao t-shirt. Shou Yao pic(收药T恤照片)
  4.  Dominic’s TV show on Fox network: Vintage Hunter
  5. Chinese TV Show that Dominic appeared  Lu Yu You Yue, Chen Lu Yu (鲁豫有约官网), Dominic’s episode
  6. Other Chinese television shows Dominic was featured in,



Amcham China     Amcham SH

Gogahai theoppositehouse

in alphabetical order


Preston and Dominic at Mesh Bar, The Opposite House


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