#Ep2: Parent, don’t Manage. Dominic grows his business by growing himself and his people

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Dominic Johnson specializes in product development, start-ups and retail fashion among other things. He came to China in the late 90’s as a market researcher for a tobacco company and founded a start–up and embarked upon fatherhood as a single parent. He found company success and stardom on Chinese television but had a fall from grace and almost lost everything. (see episode 1) Fortunately, Dominic is a Champion and Champions WIN.

Episode 2, Dominic Johnson shares how he grows champions from his staff, his family and himself. One of Beijing’s fathers of creativity talks about learning from family, peers, books and reading without reading. Hear what his mom and wife taught him and how he’s teaching his daughters to be creative and maybe a little too colorful.

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Show Notes

[.59] Family, personal life and business

[6:59] Raising your daughter as a single parent

[10:20] Developing Chinese Staff

[20:13] Lessons learned while doing business in China

[23:30] Personal and professional concerns

[26:57] Tools that helped me to be structured & disciplined

[29:42] People who I draw influence from

[34:47] Message to my girls


  1. British Business Awards
  2. EO Official Website
  3. 2008 British Business Awards – Dominic Johnson-Hill

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