#Ep18: James Scott’s Sharks Are Comfy with Uncomfortable


(Morning Training Session in front of a graffiti wall in Verona, Italy. )

By China Foundations 20151123


James Scott, Strength Coach for the CBA’s Shanghai Sharks, does what others don’t want to do. He cleaned a gym for free for 2 years even with a college degree and a cush corporate job just for the opportunity to work with the best. It worked. He landed a job in the NBA and is now here in China at the personal request of Yao Ming. James pushes high level performance not just for athletes, but for professionals too.

He’s gotten to where he is by being comfortable with the uncomfortable and out growing the metaphorical chain around his ankle. He uses words like “wall,” “auto regulation,” “results,” “intensity,” “proactive” and “recovery” together to create the highest quality. There’s no supplement for hard work. Anyone who wants to increase their performance, or curious how to get the most out of others IN CHINA, can absolutely learn something from James. James Scott advises people to turn off cell phones and listen better, and that if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got, and you’ll always feel what you’ve always felt.



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