#Ep14: The Wolf Howls: Allen Yang, the China Fixer Part 2



By China Foundations 20151105


Allen Yang opens up about teh experiences that have made him the China fixer that he is.  His challenges are not different from the challenges of this country and bares is neck and offers insight hoping that his experience cans illuminate our challenges. He admits his chinese background of listening to subtelties has made it hard to understand how to take direct thoughts from westerners and just knowing a language is incomplete without culture when workign together. One word or the way you say something can speak volumes, a stern face is rude, smile when you disagree, and dont confuse politeness with truth. Pressures in China are heavy and come from all directions, so dont discount how difficult things can be for people. China still needs advisors, and just because you are great outside of China, it doesn’t mean you know whats right here or have earned the trust respect of the Chinese for them to listen to you.



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Allen Yang (Middle of second row) with company football team, 2015


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