#Ep13: Allen Yang is “The Wolf” of China fixers Copy


By China Foundations 20151027


Before Allen Yang started eFire-Asia, a fire safety technology company, and Beijing Yi Fang Yan Liang Consulting, he worked in the countryside during the Cultural Revolution and was the only one of five members of his family to attend university. He worked his way up through state-owned enterprises in aerospace, real estate development and development zones by understanding different people, knowing different information, and using both to help people. This superpower later evolved into leading government relations at the side of Dwight Nordstrom, current Chairman at Pacific Resources International (formerly GE/Calma China Country Manager in the late 80’s).  Knowing people, getting information, being useful and willing to help have built his reputation. And a fixer’s reputation is everything. Just ask Harvey Keitel’s character as Winston “The Wolf” from Pulp Fiction.



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Allen Yang (Middle of second row) with company football team, 2015


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