#Ep11: Kitchens and Courtyards: Joel Shuchat Sees China Through His Mouth



By China Foundations 20150914


Joel Shuchat is much like the famous Orchid Hotel in Beijing’s hutongs. The outside world may see him as a normal unassuming person, just a part of the landscape. But when he welcomes you in, you can’t help but be awed by beautiful details. Food and his stomach brought Joel to China and he has cornered the unique Ayi labor force for his unique industry just like  Dominic Johnson Hill, from Episode 1. Serious business is only done with people he has great respect for and he learned early in his China career that life is too complicated to feel he could assume where others were coming from. He had to take time, make efforts to understand, and took on the spirit of China  to “never stop and keep rebuilding”!

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