High Performing Women Executive Presence Developing Training

Training high potential, high performing women to develop executive presence with Em Robin
EM Robin just spent 2 full days with a group of high level female staff on developing the executive presence in their career in a Fortune 500, in Dalian, China. The course outlined every single aspects that the female leaders need to know, and provided an easy and effective way for them to practice, which was taking ACTION throughout the course and after its completion. 
Here is the brief explanation of what ACTION is:
A  Acquire business Acumen, know your business
C  Create a strong personal brand
T  Take risks, stop out of your comfort zone
I   Influence others through effective communication
O  Own your network, grow an authentic and diverse network
N  Navigate your career with a plan
All the attendees including two of China Foundations managers enjoyed the course and had great discussions with Em and each other. What we’re seeing is these female leaders are talking their efforts and energy in their career to get more involved in the executive presence. 
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