Forum for Expat Service Providers Kicking off

China Foundations shares the secret X-Factor to retention in China and reveals a sneak preview of China’s first and only podcast dedicated to executive learning. The “Made In China” podcast shares stories of failure and success from the foreign and local heroes of Chinese business.  Have you heard the story of Bob and the blue frog?




Karen Yuan, Director Asia Pacific Worldwide ERC

Edward Hu, General Manager of Visa Services, FESCO Shanghai

Dr. Timothy M. Foggin, Deputy Medical Director, International SOS

Carrie Jones, Counseling Director, Community Center Shanghai

Shari Rosen, Founder & Program Director at Essential Learning Group

Christina Decu, Admissions Director, W.I.S.S.

Preston Kuo, Founder and CEO, China Foundations

Wing Dean, Director, CBRE Residential Services Expatriate Mobility

Meng Ziang Chy, Business Development Manager China SIRVA

Oliver Castling, Business Development Manager South China, Santa Fe


Preston bio

Preston Kuo, Founder and CEO, China Foundations


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