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ph sherpa son

Sherpa Pimbas’s son Sundup wishing his papa a safe return with Uncle Ruben

My brother Ruben Payan is on his final expedition to the top of K2 after completing the “7 summits” and surviving Mt. Everest completely blind from wind blindness. He just arrived in Askole on the 21st after a 6 hour jeep ride from Skardu Pakistan and will arrive at K2 base camp in about 4 days.
When I first first heard Ruben’s stories about the climbs, I was surprised that these expeditions were not another cliche about a guy conquering mother nature, but was an external journey that created the mental environment to climb his is own personal mountains. “You got a lotta time to think on the mountain, know what I mean?” he told me.
For the next few weeks up and down K2, Ruben will do a mental exercise reflecting on the different values that got him to the top of the worlds highest points. To honor and support him, I wanted to join him in these reflections and share with the people I care  about to explore our own mountains and our own K2.
Ruben dedicated his first climb to honor his childood. Today we are taking a second to remember what we wanted to be when we grew up and what we aspired to be. When i was really young I remember I wanted to be an architect like my dad. Later, I remember seeing a motivational speaker in middle school and I wanted to be him!
What did you want to be at different times of your life?  Who were your heroes? How does your life now look in perspective to your aspirations? Who are the young people in your life to inspire and who can you be a hero to? What can you do today to honor the heroes of your childhood, those who helped or are helping you to be a hero, and those you can be a hero to?
Today is a good day to contact an old hero and share their impact on you, write a story about your childhood aspirations and inspirations to share on social media, or become closer someone today by asking, “What did you wanna be when you grew up?”
Anything posted and shared with us here at this blog, wechat or Facebook will be one of the first things he sees after he gets home.
We will be doing these mental exercises as Ruben climbs, summits and returns down K2
If you’d like to get updates on his journey from the mountain, go to
and to hear my interview with him, check out #ep5 Facing Fear with Ruben Payan on the Made in China podcast at
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