• Meet David Marquet

    David marquet was invited to speak in Orland at Verne Harnish and Fortune Magazine’s Fortune leadership Summit
    He Recieved 4th highest speaker rating in 7 years..
    We feel like somebody out there finally understands us, so we ask David to come to ChinaQQ截图20140425103916   QQ截图20140425105203   david-marquet

  • Connect with publisher and prepare for the trip

    CF work with Chinese Publisher of David’s book and david to make small additions and changes to serve the Chinese audience
    CF reaches out to great companies and organizations committed to being “better”.IMG_2119  QQ截图20140605141053   IMG_2121   IMG_2120

  • During the trip

    David arrives and tours 3 cities, speaking and delivering workshops at China’s top educational organizations, Chambers of commerce, foriegn governments, Entrepreneur organizations and Chinese multinational clients.

    He also offers to do a book event with the publisher, which winds up being the biggest foreign book release event they have ever had.University Events 

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    Customers Event

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    Book Promotion

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  • After the trip

    David certifies CF in his training and we become champions of his message before he heads to another global destination.

    CF begins delivering David’s workshops in China to foreigners and locals.

    Davids book becomes highly popular, sold in airport bookstores around the country and picked up by business organizations like Blue Lion and Founder Magazine…QQ截图20140426095024   QQ截图20140426095058   QQ截图20140426095154   QQ截图20140426095529   QQ截图20140426095548

    People Learning the Book: